Friday, November 02, 2007

Nothing To See Here, Mommie....

Gather, Google, AOL, bloglinks....whatever your "search method du jour" will find nothing, other than this brief post, referring to you, Mommie Dearest. You are insignificant in my life, except as a reminder that the world has its fair share of people who are compulsive in their quest to feed their faltering egos. Your time would be better spent reflecting on the damage your self-centered obsessions with other people's lives wreak upon you and yours, rather than trying to acquire non-existent ammunition with which to wound those that, rightfully, give your personal shortcomings and adolescent cravings for revenge little, if any, consideration.

If those words are too big for you, I'll phrase it in simpler language:

Get a life, woman. Your kids need a mother, not a whiny middle-schooler trying to convince them that they should be "on your side". You're only hurting yourself and your children. It ain't all about you. Clear enough?

Why don't you just grab another snickers (if you didn't eat it all during your Halloween internet crawl) and ruminate on self-improvement?

Please go away. Now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are real botton feeder... don't you like a "real" job to keep you busy and so yu can make some money??? oh are you just an illegitimate person who doen't know their parents?? bartender fits your personality perfectly.... just remember... what goes around comes around.... and I have plenty of patience....